factory ozon

Specifies the ozon ozobot high-level functions.

  • These functions are accessible via the tabletop:: prefix.


(static) ozonForward(distance)

Moves the ozon a given distance foward.

Name Type Description
distance uint

The approximate distance in mm; 1 mm corresponds to about 2 pixels.

(static) ozonTurn(angle)

Turns the ozon a given angle in degree.

Name Type Description
angle int

The angle in degree, positive in the trigonometric direction.

(static) ozonLight(index, blue, green, red)

Lights one ozon led.

Name Type Description
index uint

The led mask, any combination of the following.

  • 0x01: top
  • 0x02: left
  • 0x04: center-left
  • 0x08: center
  • 0x10: center-right
  • 0x20: right
  • 0x80: rear
blue uchar

The blue color.

green uchar

The green color.

red uchar

The red color.

  • The color is given as a [w0rgbycm] char for ([w]hite, [0]black, [r]ed, [g]reen, [b]lue, [y]ellow, [c]yan, [m]agenta) color.

(static) ozonStop()

Stops all ozon commands.

(static) ozonWhere() → {JSON}

Returns the ozon absolute position and orientation in the camera frame of reference.


The estimated position.

  • x The Ozon horizontal final position, in pixel, -1 if undefined.
  • `y The Ozon vertical final position, in pixel, -1 if undefined.
  • a The Ozon rotation, in degree, 0 if undefined.
  • r The Ozon apparent radius, in pixel, 0 in undefined.
  • d The local displacement in pixel to measure the orientation.

(static) ozonMove(x, y, a, loopopt)

Moves ozon to an absolute position and orientation.

Name Type Attributes Default Description
x uint

The Ozon horizontal final position, in pixel.

y uint

The Ozon vertical final position, in pixel.

a int

The Ozon rotation, in degree;

  • 0 if aligned with the horizontal line in the rightward direction,
  • 0 if oriented towards the top direction in the image.

loop uint <optional>

The maximal number of iteration.

(static) ozonCommand(command)

Sends a command to the ozon interface.

Name Type Description
command string

The command as defined by the ozon-lib python interface, i.e.:

  • ozon._send_led_control_command(index, red, green, blue)
  • ozon.drive(left_velocity_0_from_999, right_velocity_0_from_999, delay_milli_second, wait_true_or_false)
  • ozon.spin(velocity_0_from_999, delay_milli_second, wait_true_or_false)