Implements a macroscopic algorithmic ersatz of VSA some operations


This only an alpha version, better contact us to discuss, what it is and how to use it :)

The usual Vector Symbolic Architecture are implemented at microscopic using, e.g., the Neural Engineering Framework allowing a microscopic simulation of the neuronal processes, at the spiking neural network level. At a higher scale, when implemented using Semantic Pointer Architecture, based on linear algebra and permutation operations, thus at a mesoscopic scale, it allows to perform the same operations, but without explicitizing the neural state value and evolution.

A step further, at a higher macroscopic scale, we could directly consider the previous operations predicting the result of the different algebraic operations without explicitly calculating on vector components. This could be called an ``algorithmic ersatz'', and this is what is implemented here.

Please refer to the draft in preparation here for further explanations.

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  • npm install git+

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npm script usage

npm install --quiet : installs all package dependencies and sources.
npm run build: builds the different compiled, documentation and test files.
npm test     : runs functional and non-regression tests.
npm run clean: cleans installation files.